How to sell your crypto project in bear times

Sure, after Luna & now FTX the buyers are thinking twice before investing in a new project.
So, that's it? Let's give up?

No, we just need to be smarter.
If the market sucks, change the game.

Everyone is doing crypto marketing the same way: a bit of content, a bit of shilling, some traffic, some contests, some influencers & then hope you make it.

In the case of selling NFT's: the days of selling out 10.000 NFT's at 0,15 ETH each in 5min are gone.
The fantasy of making $ 1,5 million dollar with some art created and no utilities whatsover dooesnt fly anymore.
In any normal non-crypto market putting let's say 2-3% in marketing of the turn-over you want to generate & then hoping to sell out is a big no go.

So, what else then?
This market is riddled with crypto chillers & promoters with an army of followers from countries that will never buy NFT's or Tokens.
They just participate in your contests to win some dollars.

The winning offering
Let's create a Blue Ocean Strategy in a sea of Red where everyone kills each other:
For starters, how are you going to make your future holders richer then before?
What's the real 'business logic' behind it? Can you proof that?
If you can't answer this question then they won't buy.

The winning client team
There are 2 types of clients: the ones that outsource everything & leave everything to an external marketing company, or the ones that actively collaborate.
Who else then someone of your team (an artist, a web3 architect, any type of expert) can co-create the right content on your socials?
The Twitter content game is also more then the classic 'one post per day with an image' approach.
Launch several, show genuine interest in your followers, react almost real-time to their questions, this is hard work.
Do weekly AMA's, Twitter Spaces & more, it's a repetitive process of creating trust to your community, your future buyers.

Do Crypto Marketing with impact
Ofcourse the whole picture needs to fit: the right content, the right style, the right community support & more.
The real problem is that alot of the traffic is fake. People want to win stuff without ever going to buy your products.

How to solve this?
Well, there is no easy answer: sure, nobody likes a '5 people liked my socials' starting point.
In the real lovebrands world it takes months to get to 10.000 followers and more, in crypto world it takes one contest.
I would say that you need a bit of gamification 'just to get started' (unavoidable), but stop in time to make room for real interested followers on top.

So, were do I find them?
Well, a little geography lesson here:

  • USA (46 million)
  • Europe (42 million)
  • India (27 million)
  • Pakistan (26 million)
  • Nigeria (22 million)
  • Vietnam (20 million)

The answer: any traffic platform that you can geo-target on USA & Europe go a long way.
Twitter Ads (you need to be certified first, but it's doable), Google Ads (NFT's: all good, Tokens: ok, Exchanges: difficult), Facebook/Instagram (NFT's: all good, the rest depends a bit on luck), Crypto portal site bannering which has a geo filter & more.

You could considerate also using local influencers (a famous German Crypto Influencer, an American, ...) to reach their local communities.
Especially in Europe these work in their native language: if your promo video is in German, you'll probably attract 'real' Germans as potential clients.

Mass Collabs on the rise
Ride on the success of others: have collab managers on the look out for 'collections with similar ideal target groups' & set-up collaborations.
It's their fulltime job & they are all well connected.
A great way to get your whitelists filled with relevant potential customers.

Sell in waves
Ever seen the ticket sales of big dance party? Early bird discount, VIP discount, pre-sales discount, ...
Why not launch in 2 or 3 days?
Wave 1: huge discount, wave 2: less but more perks, wave 3: full prize but even more perks.
Let them win something while minting?

The whole attention of crypto marketing pretty much stops at 'go-to-market' time, but it's there where it starts.

What else?
There is a grey zone of +1300 DAO's / crypto investment 'clubs' & more
You can 'rent' them for an AMA.
You could also see this as setting up a business deal: create a good package for them (read: better then the public one), and set-up a kind of 'private' sales for them.
Whitelists are good, but these kind of deals are even better: you're talking to investors who vote 'in team' to go for it.

I'm sure "tomorrow" we'll figure out a new x-factor to sell more then before, but sticking to this list will get you a long way, and it's not standard crypto marketing.

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